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Three qualities that make the perfect rec league goalie
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Goalies are like gold in the rec leagues across the world and often times the most valued thing about them isn’t their talent. The perfect rec league tendy is a blend of three important qualities.

If you’re a goalie, don’t worry, you’ll be fine whether you have these qualities or not - you might just have to actually pay for your time on the ice (Yea, if you’re a goalie who’s paying for your adult league ice time, you’re doing it all wrong). Even if you’re not on a rec league team, tell people you’re a goalie and you’ll probably get a call twice a week to come play for someone you’ve never met.

Still, you won’t be the perfect goalie for your team unless you possess these three attributes:

Flexibility On and Off the Ice

Obviously, a flexible goalie on the ice helps, just look at the video above. But, a flexible goalie off the ice matters even more. For many rec leagues, game times come on short notice, they’re at inconsistent times of day and sometimes even on different days. Inspired by the flexibility offered by Gillette On Demand, this has to be the most desirable quality in a team tendy. Losing is bad, losing by a lot is worse, but there’s nothing worse than playing a game without a goalie.

Gillette On Demand offers another desirable level of flexibility, allowing guys to keep the easy convenience of home delivery and the benefit from flexible ordering options – blades only when they want them or deliveries that come on the schedule they decide.

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No Temper

Goalies can often be pretty hot tempered - who wouldn’t be when you’re getting hammered by pucks all game - but there are levels that can start to hurt your squad or, even worse, ruin the fun of the game. On the lower end, goalies taking penalties is the worst because they don’t even get penalized, some other sucker on the bench does. Two, if a goalie gets kicked out, good luck replacing them. Three, if your goalie picks a fight with some giant (Those are always the guys in the crease), you have no choice but to try and intervene... good luck.

If your goalie can stay cool-headed throughout the game, it makes it a lot easier to have fun on your night off.

Stays in his Net

This is a message to all goalies: lots of you are great at what you do, but only one of you is Brodeur. In other words, stay in your net. Rec league goalies racing to a puck in the corner never seems to end well, so it’s probably best to post up in the crease and stop pucks.

Even when you do successfully get the puck in a position to make a play, none of the scrubs on your team are prepared for it anyways.

Goalies, we love you no matter what, we just love some more than others. If you don’t check one of the boxes above, and you weren’t invited back to your team, now you know why.